All About Asbestos: Most Important Things You Need to Know

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Asbestos is derived from an ancient Greek word which means inextinguishable. The word asbestos refers to a group of 6 naturally occurring minerals identified by their narrow and long fibrous crystals. As a matter of fact, asbestos boasts some remarkable features which made it a perfect component in generating consumer goods as well as the construction of a residential, industrial and commercial building for a year, even decades.  

Asbestos is not only known because of its fireproof property and impervious to other outdoor elements, chemical corrosion and electricity, it can also strengthen manufacturing and construction materials like cement, cloth, paper, and plastic when mixed together, and is soundproof as well. 

The Secret Health Hazard of Too Much Exposure to Asbestos 

Unfortunately, asbestos was too good to be true. Even though asbestos is basically harmless if not touched, however, the true risk lies in its tiny fibers that are unleashed into the air whenever the mineral is disturbed, and later inhaled or ingested by the nearby people. Compounding the issue is the brittleness of asbestos, since the material can crumble or break easily when touched. And because the fibers are virtually microscopic, they can’t be seen by the normal human eyesight, so asbestos exposure can happen without even knowing it. 

Intense and repeated exposure to the airborne fiber of asbestos can result in severe, long-term health problems ranging from asbestosis and COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to lung cancer and mesothelioma. In several instances, symptoms are not apparent yet until years after the first contact with the fibers, that means that these deadly airborne asbestos fibers can accumulate inside the human body, particularly in the lungs, over a long time and you will not even realize until it is too late.  

Always remember that there’s no amount of exposure to asbestos is safe. Because of this, it is very important for you to enlist or hire a professional and highly reputable asbestos removal service provider if you have plans on renovating your old building or home and are not sure about whether or not there is a presence of asbestos on your property. 

What Should You Do About Asbestos? 

Some undeveloped countries still allow the production and inclusion of different levels of asbestos. Its use had been significantly decreased all over the world. Nonetheless, if you are living or working in a building installed before the year 1990’s which has not been remediated properly, there is a great chance that asbestos is somewhere in that facility, particularly your home, warehouse, factory, or office.  

In cases of possible exposure to airborne fibers of asbestos, or if you are not certain if asbestos is even present in the facility, and want to have it inspected, you should contact and hire a professional and reputable asbestos removal service provider instead of doing all the tasks by yourself, which can potentially endanger your health, as well as the others nearby. These professionals have undergone intensive training and had experienced a lot in the field so they already have the skills and knowledge on how to do the job step-by-step without endangering anything from asbestos testing San Antonio to proper removal and disposal. 

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