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Should You Install a Granite Countertop?

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If you want to install a granite countertop in your kitchen, there are things that you must know first. Are you doing it because you want to raise?your home’s?market value?fast? Whatever your reason is, don’t decide for or against granite countertops?in a haste. Rushing into a?decision may make you lose more cash than make some.  

You might not know it yet but installing a granite countertop may not be recommended for your home. Although granite is no doubt?beautiful and somehow indestructible, it’s not for everyone. For starters, it is an expensive option to traditional countertops, particularly the ones, made with concrete, ceramic tile, laminate, or stainless steel. 

Is it Worth It? 

Although most property experts say that a home’s value increases when?granite countertops are installed, there will be a considerable amount of investment needed for that, and those must be considered as well. If you intend to live in your home with that new countertop for 10 years or so, then it should be worth the investment. On the other hand, if you’re just doing it to increase your home’s market value fast, you may need to study that proposition further. Mull over?these three?important questions if you want to install an expensive?granite?countertop in?your home. 

  1. Do you consider your home like a high-end property?

Can?your home?be regarded by professional realtors?as a luxury?home? If it is, installing a?granite countertop?may be a good?choice. Your possible buyers?probably expected those?high-end countertops anyway. In fact, they would settle for nothing less. But remember?that there are other more affordable?options that?can attain?the same?luxurious?look without breaking the bank. 

If the?home you own?isn’t in any way?a luxury property, then skip the granite?countertop installation altogether. If it is just an?average home, then your buyer won’t?anticipate that?granite countertop at all, more so being?charged?for them. 

  1. What is the current real estate market condition?

While your?home is regarded as a luxury property, consider all the?existing market conditions as well. Are home?buyers willing to pay for such upgrades? Most buyers?are searching?for bargains if the real estate market is?declining or if there’s a recession. Throwing a lot of?money into upgrading your?home won’t probably?help at all, much less sell it faster. 

Often, the effect can?be detrimental to?you. If your luxury home is in a?high crime area, then the investment is not to your advantage. The installation of granite countertops?alone isn’t going to sell it faster. 

  1. How much ROI do you expect?

Buyers and realtors?evaluate the value of a property not in the same way as the actual sellers of the property. Luxury installations?like granite countertops are?included in the home’s market value assessment, but it’s not?going to be for the same amount that was invested to install it. If you intend?to?rake up some?profit or break even after?a quick sale, use?more affordable?materials instead. Consider all your other?options for countertops before you install the?granite type. Talk to a Grand Prairie granite countertop installation expert for guidance.  

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